Founded in 2013 by Eric LEFRANC after 10 years at Caravelle with Pierre-André MARTEL (†2011), Renaissance is an entrepreneurial group whose ambition is to contribute to revitalising France's economic fabric through the successful turnarounds of struggling businesses. To achieve this, Renaissance provides both the human and the financial resources necessary to re-establish stability and resume robust development sustainable over the long term.

An entrepreneurial investor committed for the long term

Renaissance is wholly owned by its directors. This shareholder structure enables Renaissance to be extremely reactive when acquiring a business and then in managing its subsidiaries over the long term, with no pressure to exit.

Renaissance aims to invest 20 million Euros in French SMEs over the next 5 years. Renaissance directly invests its own equity and often brings in industrial partners with specific business expertise as co-investors.

A turnaround specialist able to guarantee success

Renaissance is totally committed to the success of it acquisitions. Renaissance provides its subsidiaries with a dedicated team of experienced managers and turnaround specialists who develop and implement a recovery plan with the existing team.

Renaissance favours a qualitative approach, and limits itself to one acquisition a year so that it can fully focus its operational resources and ensure the best chances for a successful recovery.
Renaissance Renaissance