Acquisition of majority interests in group subsidiaries or struggling SMEs and midcaps

With an examplary track record of successful turnarounds, Renaissance offers a tailored and reassuring solution to groups wishing to refocus on their core business or SMEs and midcaps in difficulty. Renaissance intervenes confidentially and is able to make investment decisions very rapidly.

Renaissance invests in businesses :
  • whose main centres of interest are in France
  • with a turnover from 10 to 200 million Euros
  • in the sectors : Industry / B2B Services / Retail / Build up of our current subsidiaries
  • with a diversified portfolio of loyal customers and recognised know-how
  • but incurring losses
  • and requiring operational turnaround


Operational Management of its subsidiaries' turnaround

Renaissance is totally committed to the success of its acquisitions. Renaissance makes available a team of experienced managers, specialised in turnarounds, who defines and manages the recovery plan in collaboration with the team in place. Renaissance's principle is to involve the employees in the implementation of the plan in a transparent and constructive social dialogue.


Long-term development of its subsidiaries

Renaissance is a stable shareholder whose aim is to achieve long-term profitability and growth. For each of subsidiaries, Renaissance strives to achieved renewed, robust development in France and internationally. To achieve this, Renaissance organises commercial synergies within the group and provides the resources and governance necessary to the company's long-term success.
Renaissance Renaissance